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🐾 New Year New Talent: The Ones to Watch in 2024 🔥

22 January 2024

Did someone say New Year New Talent? Step into the enchanting world of feline and canine talent as we reveal the Top Cats and Dogs to Watch in 2024. These rising stars, who made a splash in 2023, are gearing up for an encore that will imprint lasting paw prints on our hearts. From the graceful agility of feline performers to the charm and agility of dogs, these four-legged prodigies actively showcase extraordinary talents, heartwarming moments, and playful brilliance.

Embark on this journey into the realm of animal entertainment. Where whiskers, wagging tails, and endearing personalities actively take centre stage. Crafting a symphony of delight that resonates with pet lovers and enthusiasts alike. Brace yourself for a year filled with the unparalleled charm and boundless talent of our beloved cats and dogs!

Hugo and Huxley for Edgar and Cooper
                                                                  Hugo and Huxley for Edgar and Cooper
Izzy 🐶

Izzy, the Jack Russell Terrier, is a rising star in pet modelling. Collaborating with Fetch at Ocado and featuring in fashion shoots for Boden, she brings her petite charm to various projects. Standout appearances include Primark‘s Christmas campaigns, promotions for the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, and featuring in Rightmove‘s latest advert. Additionally, catch her endorsing the Dobbies Christmas pet range and recently shining in a photoshoot for Front Of The Pack. Izzy’s journey showcases her charisma and versatility in seamlessly blending into diverse projects in the pet industry and beyond.

Jane 🪄

Jane, the trick-trained Pomeranian, shines as a main character in the indie horror movie “A Woman’s Best Friend“. Beyond film, she collaborates with notable brands such as Arsenal FC, Buckenham Locksmiths, and Ring indoor cameras. In a recent highlight, Jane starred in the iconic John Lewis 2023 Christmas Advert, showcasing her versatility. She also featured in a Christmas campaign for TK Maxx and played a role in HeyCar‘s latest campaign, promoting their used car services. Jane’s seamless transition between genres and industries therefore solidifies her as a remarkable and sought-after talent in entertainment and advertising.

Daisy 🌸

Daisy, the cheerful Cockapoo, has charmed audiences in various commercials and campaigns, showcasing her versatile talents. From leading in a bustling PitPat TV commercial to posing effortlessly in a professional studio, Daisy’s appeal is boundless. She collaborated with The White Company and promoted dog-friendly stores at Dobbies Garden Centre. Moreover, Daisy’s impressive portfolio includes campaigns with ManyPets, Uber Eats, Tinder‘s ‘Bark and Spark,’ and Lily’s Kitchen pet food. She also posed for Front Of The Pack, modelled for Every Paw, and worked alongside Katherine Ryan for Gousto. Recently, Daisy starred in the 2023 Christmas advert for popular clothing brand, Fatface. Daisy’s journey exemplifies her undeniable charisma and versatility in the world of pet modelling and advertising.

Daisy Fatface Christmas
                                                              Daisy for the 2023 Fatface Christmas Campaign
Lily, Boris and Darcy 💫

Lily, Boris and Darcy, the stunning Golden Retrievers, have an impressive work history with top brands. They collaborated with Dyson, Vax, Skoda, and Spotify on a marketing campaign, showcasing their versatility. Working with Nestle, YuMove, Costa Coffee, Aldi, River Island, Primark, BUPA, JML and more, they’ve become sought-after models in various industries.

Their high-end editorial campaigns with Barbour Dogs and film work for Purple Bricks, Matalan, Wolt, and Barking Heads pet food highlight their adaptability. Notably, they starred as Sandy in the UK and Ireland tour of Annie the Musical. Winning hearts alongside Craig Revel Horwood and Paul O’Grady. Their charm extends to promotional events for Sainsbury’s, London’s Westfield shopping centre, and Christmas Grottos. Lily, Boris, and Darcy are true standouts in the world of pet modeling and entertainment.

Mochi 😻

Mochi, the charming Ragdoll, has made a notable impact in the advertising world. She graced the pages of L’Officiel Lithuania’s October print issue, showcasing her elegance in an animal shoot. Mochi’s portfolio includes a feature in an advert for Barclays, campaigns for Virbac and Amazon, and a prominent role as a model and actor for Lily’s Kitchen. Adding a touch of celebrity, Mochi starred in Rick Astley‘s “Forever and More Official Video,” directed by Simon Pegg. Therefore further solidifying her presence in the world of modelling and acting.

Honey, Jam and Snowden 👑

Honey, Jam, and Snowdon, the charming Royal Corgis, recently delighted attendees at a traditional British meet and greet celebrating English culture. Their regal charisma extends globally. With bookings for the Bachelor USA and appearances at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe.

This Royal Corgi trio collaborates with Madame Tussauds, promoting the latest Royals wax figures, and offers fans a unique Meet and Greet experience. Snowdon, making a solo appearance on ITV This Morning, paid tribute to the Queen’s passing. He also featured in campaigns for Lilys Kitchen‘s Coronation showcase and Mini Boden‘s Coronation product release.

These Royal Corgis are also familiar faces as the Queen’s Corgis in promotional campaigns for Netflix’s hit series, The Crown, and have participated in numeurous modelling jobs with prestigious names such as Zara and Next. Their widespread appeal and versatility showcase their regal charm, captivating audiences on both local and international stages.

Honey, Jam and Snowdon for Zara
                                                                                                      Honey, Jam and Snowdon for Zara
Aura 🐈

Aura, the British Moggy cat, boasts a wealth of onset experience. Having collaborated with prominent brands in the pet industry, including Lilys Kitchen, Kittyrama, Empower Paw, Amazon, and Everclean. Her versatility shines as she transitions seamlessly between pet-related ventures and mainstream platforms. Adding a touch of celebrity glamour, Aura has also lent her modeling prowess to the merchandise of renowned YouTubers Dan and Phil. Her diverse portfolio and broad appeal make her a standout in the world of feline modelling.

Hugo and Huxley 🐕

Labrador brothers Hugo and Huxley have made a significant impact in the pet modelling world. Showcasing their charm across diverse sectors like pet clothing, food, and accessories. This standout duo notably featured in The American Express Company‘s global marketing campaign (Amex) and Natures Menu‘s Spring social content. They gained recognition as the faces of ManyPets Insurance’s ‘Ball Dog’ Campaign and prominently appeared in Lilys Kitchen‘s Coronation campaign, emphasising their royal connection.

Their on-screen versatility extends to the Lintbells YuMove TV advert, as well as collaborations with prominent brands such as John Lewis, Tesco, and Zylkene. The pair have engaged in various campaigns, from ‘Rehome Your Phone’ with O2 UK to promoting greener living with Hello Hub and a Wimbledon campaign for Many Pets Insurance. These brothers have also starred in recent campaigns for Edgar and Cooper, EE, and Next, therefore reaffirming their status as versatile and sought-after pet models.

Jasper 🐈‍⬛

Jasper has emerged as a prominent figure in the advertising world, recently taking on a starring role in ‘Looking For Mr Right?’—an advertisement for BitGet, showcasing their copy trading services. His on-screen presence extends to television adverts for EE and Google, highlighting his versatility as an actor. In addition to his acting ventures, Jasper has become a sought-after model for Lily’s Kitchen pet food, posing for multiple campaigns. Moreover, his diverse portfolio reflects his ability to seamlessly transition between acting and modelling roles in the dynamic landscape of advertising.

Jasper for the Lily's Kitchen Halloween Campaign
                                                                    Jasper for the Lily’s Kitchen Halloween Campaign

As we step into 2024, the stars of the animal talent world, along with our extensive roster of talented animals, are ready to make their mark. Their charm, charisma, and unique skills are set to spice up campaigns, brighten up adverts, and even take centre stage in productions, both on screen and on stage. The diverse talents showcased in a variety of industries highlight the universal appeal of our furry companions. Get ready for a year filled with the unparalleled charm and boundless talent of these animal stars, making 2024 a memorable year in the world of animal entertainment.

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