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Farm animals will surprise your emotions.

Urban Paws UK are proud to offer a broad range of therapy pets perfect for cuddling up to and playing with for corporate events!

Farm animal therapy and farm animal experiences

Discover your inner peace by spending some quality time with one of our pet therapy farm animals, guaranteed to relax you and provide a feeling of serene seldom found elsewhere.

Due to their cuteness and friendliness, our farm animals have become one of the stars behind our pet therapy services and have led the way for many of our clients creating some truly special memories.

Please note, Urban Paws UK only offers a range of therapy pets for corporate events only, we do not offer our services for private hire!

Providing the best animals for the best experiences

The benefits of farm animal therapy

Interacting with farm animals may not seem like an activity which leads to positive mental and physical changes at first but having experienced it first hand with our team at Urban Paws and many of our clients we can verify that interaction with animals can lead to a world of change. Farm animals can trigger a lowering in cortisol and blood pressure within the human body causing a more relaxed and healthy state.

Mental health benefits are also abundant for those enjoying our farm animal pet therapy with animal interaction having been proven to;

  • Lift spirits of those going through tough times,
  • Decrease feelings of anxiety,
  • Lessen the severity of depression,
  • Prevent loneliness,
  • Instil a sense of community,
  • Combat feelings of alienation,
  • Encourage communication with those around them.
Please note that pet therapy should not be confused with assistance or mental support animals that are trained to adhere to the specific needs of their owners.

Our team at Urban Paws is more than happy to assist with the booking process for our pet therapy services and is always on hand to provide advice and answer any queries that you may have. To find out more about our farm animal therapy services or to get in touch for a booking please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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