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Australian Shepherd

Meet Luna the stunning Australian Shepherd for hire in Ireland. This beautiful animal extra has a blue merle coat and one blue and one brown eye which give her stand out model features.

Trained to a very high standard, Luna has a huge repertoire of tricks, skills and behaviours. There is very little Luna cannot perform in terms of her skill set, making her an ideal pet on set. A reliable dog with striking good looks as well as a personality to match, Luna makes a highly skilled actor for hire. She is also in training to become a search and rescue dog.

Luna is a well socialised pet talent, having being around people of all ages including children from a young age. When she meets people she will greet them with a smile. She is also happy to work alongside other dogs with no issues.

In all, Luna is a highly intelligent dog with a great list of trick training. Brains as well as beauty, this talented dog is ideal for film, TV and photographic briefs.

Training checklist:
  • Agility trained
  • Animal-friendly
  • Balance on object
  • Balancing objects
  • Bow
  • Can be placed in position
  • Can style hair
  • Can work outdoors
  • Can work with water
  • Cat-friendly
  • Catch a treat
  • Catch an item
  • Catch frisbee
  • Child-friendly
  • Come
  • Dog-friendly
  • Down
  • Eat/drink in new environment
  • Facial expressions
  • Fetch item
  • Fetch items from water
  • Find item
  • Food motivated
  • Give paw
  • Go to bed
  • Happy to be groomed
  • Happy to be handled
  • Harness/lead trained
  • Heel
  • High five
  • High ten
  • Hold pose
  • Jump into arms
  • Jump into/out of a car boot
  • Jump on the spot
  • Jump onto a person's back
  • Jump through hoop
  • Jump up/on/over an object
  • Kiss
  • Leave item
  • Lie down
  • Look at me
  • Open/close door
  • People-friendly
  • Play ball
  • Play dead
  • Positional work
  • Product placement
  • Raise paw
  • Recall
  • Rollover
  • Run into arms
  • Scent work
  • Search and rescue
  • Sit
  • Sit on platform
  • Sniff on command
  • Spin
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Stop
  • Swimming
  • Toy motivated
  • Travels well
  • Treats on paw
  • Vet-friendly
  • Walk to heel
  • Wear glasses
  • Wears pet clothing + accessories
  • Work from a distance
  • Works with props
  • Yoga
  • Work Videos

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