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Quirky, cute and cool – why you should choose an exotic pet influencer!

12 October 2021

You might have thought about getting a dog or cat to promote your brand on social media, but how about a cheetah, marmoset or parrot? You might think that these exotic animals don’t fit the branding of your business, but with their alternative looks, quirky personalities and large followings, these pet influencers can bring lots of value to you – if you choose the right one.

We’ll explain what an exotic pet influencer is and how you can choose the right one for your business.

What is an exotic pet influencer?

Exotic pet influencers are animals that have large followings on social media who aren’t typical domestic pets like cats or dogs. From reptiles to big cats and tropical birds, these animals are unusual and are more often seen in a zoo than at home.

Their uniqueness is what sets them apart, makes them popular with their followers and is attractive to a range of brands. With no two exotic pet influencers being the same, choosing them to represent your business is an alternative choice that, if got right, is a unique way to connect with your target audience.

Radiant reptiles.

Reptiles come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s plenty who’re attracting large followings on social media with their unique stories and characters. Although they might previously have been seen as scaly and scary, influencer snakes, lizards and pythons have an alternative look that captures audience imagination.

With his unusual colours and friendly nature, Boris the Chameleon has attracted 48.4K followers by sharing his adventures with other animal friends. Plus, he has a look that’s truly adaptable to a range of different brands.

Brilliant birds.

Parrots, parakeets and macaws, exotic birds are colourful, quirky and cool. From talking directly to their influencers to performing tricks and wearing outfits, exotic birds are a fantastic way to add a touch of fun to your brand.

Whether it’s Christmas, Easter or Halloween, Jack the Cockatiel has an outfit for every occasion. With 73.2k fully engaged followers, he also shares motivational quotes and adds a touch of brightness to everyone’s day.

Sweet-shelled animals.

They might have a hard outside, but shelled animals have a sweet, cute character that’s hard for social media followers not to engage with. Ethel the Glamour Tortoise is just one of them. With 68k followers, this Sulcata Tortoise has promoted nutritionally balanced tortoise food, starred in ads for spot lamps and dressed up in matching outfits with her owners.

Marvellous marmosets.

Although monkeys might not be seen in a typical pet shop, they make some of the most popular social media influencers. Macaques, mandrils and spider monkeys all make cheeky, extroverted social media characters and attract large followings.

With a great smile, lots of outfits and a love of bath time, Diddy Kong the Marmoset is a happy little fellow who loves sharing his lifestyle and product endorsements with his 841k followers.

Cool (big) cats.

Smaller cats have long been popular with Instagramers, but now the big cats are taking back the territory. For brands who want to add a hint of the jungle or exotic beauty to their marketing, big cat influencers are an ideal choice.

Tigers, lions and leopard influencers can all be found on Instagram, but Irma the Puma Cat’s gentle nature and unusual, serene looks have captured the feeds of 99.8k followers, and some brand endorsements too.

Why choose an exotic pet influencer?

If you’re looking to add a touch of the tropical, alternative or unusual to your marketing, then exotic pet influencers are a great option. Even if you think your brand is too corporate or straightforward, it’s likely that you’ll find an exotic pet influencer that will capture your target audience’s attention.

Just like influencers who are typical domestic pets, each exotic pet influencer has its own character and brand. So, to find the right one for your business, you need to match their brand to yours.

Our experts can help you find the perfect exotic influencer for your business. Get in touch with our agents via influencers@urbanpawsireland.com and we can help to match right influencer to your brand, whether it’s exotic or not.

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