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The Pandemic is the Perfect Time to Use Animal Talent

05 January 2021

Using animal talent minimises the risk of spreading the virus on set

The pandemic has undoubtedly shaken the way we as a country do business. From the debate around whether working from home is viable, to the overall effect on the economy; things are changing. Creative industries are no different and are in many ways struggling even more, despite the UK government confirming that film, television and advertisement productions can continue as long as “all filming activity is carried out in a COVID secure manner and that industry guidance is rigorously adhered to“.

Musicians and actors are unable to perform and film sets have had to enforce strict social distancing measures and deal with potential quarantine for actors from abroad.

In times like these, other options have to be considered and we may have the answer.

Dog and cat talent is perfect for advertising right now

Saul on set

The British Film Commission has a strict set of guidelines for filming that involves social distancing and a thorough audit of hygiene and first aid facilities on set. However, one area that is largely unaffected by all of this pandemic planning is the use of animal talent.

Dogs and cats can contract coronavirus in rare circumstances though according to government advice, there is no evidence to suggest that animals can transmit the virus, either between other pets or humans. This means you can freely use dogs, cats, or any other pet model on set without any worries about them either catching or transmitting the virus. For more information, check out this page at gov.uk.

Of course, business as usual precautions have to be taken when using animals in advertising, but compared to the rigamarole of casting vulnerable human actors, our furry friends offer a comparatively easy experience.

Pet talent is an easy route to success

Skylar with Mecca Bingo

Lockdowns are returning and restrictions on how people can interact are becoming an increasingly potent problem for film sets. Any actors from abroad also face the risk of a mandatory 14 day quarantine period unless travelling from a country on the list of UK travel corridors.

The Film Commission’s guidance suggests that actors avoid close contact unless absolutely necessary, while further precautions must be taken for cast and crew deemed high risk.

No such restrictions exist for animal talent. You can interact with a dog or a cat with no issues and the only additional human contact comes from meeting their owner.

It’s for this reason that many advertising agencies are looking to cast talented dogs and cats as their main character and rework their brief to incorporate a super animal actor. While animal experts like us know that using our talent is always a good idea, the pandemic is adding extra reasons and making them clearer than ever.

Why use animal talent in films, television, and marketing campaigns?

Max on set for Royal Canin

There are thousands of reasons why animals are an effective way to liven up a marketing campaign; they’re eye-catching and adorable, they generate feelings of empathy and warmth, and best of all; they don’t talk back on set!

Animal actors and models have become incredibly popular, particularly with the rise of pet influencers. If you employ one of our models who is also an influencer, you’ll get not only sensational pet photography, but an integrated influencer marketing campaign to boot!

Dogs, cats, rabbits, and any other animal you can imagine are available at Urban Paws UK. They all have the ability to lead a campaign and create unforgettable content without the burden of government restrictions.

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