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Meet Bowie and Beni, the dynamic nano influencers sharing their lives and spreading joy. Bowie, the charming Cavachon, radiates love and friendliness. He’s always up for a treat-driven photoshoot, showcasing his skills and signature “sit pretty” pose. Whether it’s playing with balls or exploring the beach and forest on long walks, Bowie’s enthusiasm knows no bounds. With a repertoire of tricks including sit, paw, wait, high five, and more, he’s a true talent.

On the other paw, there’s Beni, the Maltipoo bursting with personality. Overflowing with confidence, he’s an absolute social butterfly, relishing in meeting new people. Beni’s boundless energy and treat-driven motivation make him a quick learner. Already a master of tricks like sit, wait, and recall, he’s always eager to impress. His love for playtime and socializing with fellow canines shines bright, with his cherished lamb toy in tow.

Together, Bowie and Beni form an inseparable team, embodying the spirit of fun, companionship, and endless excitement. Join these nano influencers on their adventures, as they enchant their fans with tricks, charisma, and heartwarming personalities. With the majority of these followers being female between 25-34.

Influencer Skills:
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Available as a brand ambassador
  • Brand endorsement
  • Canine critic
  • Content creation
  • Dog-friendly visit
  • Entertainment blogger
  • Events
  • Family focused
  • Fun
  • High quality photography
  • Inclusive
  • Lifestyle blogger
  • Media campaigns
  • Meet and greet
  • Online marketing
  • Organic reach
  • Outdoors
  • Performer
  • Pet photography
  • Pet placement
  • Pet products
  • Pet-friendly reviews
  • Product placement
  • Product reviews
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Social media marketing
  • Wears pet clothing and accessories
  • Work with props
  • Experience:

    Bowie & Beni are currently brand ambassadors for Butternut Box.

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