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  • Pomsky dog for hire Dublin
  • Pomsky dog lying on floor
  • Pomsky dog for hire Dublin
  • Pomsky dog for hire
  • Pomsky dog doing agility
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  • Pomsky dog for hire Dublin
  • Pomsky dog for hire Dublin
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  • Pomsky dog Ireland
  • Pomsky dog for hire Ireland
  • Dog doing agility

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Mixed Breed

Rocket by name and Rocket by nature. Meet our newest mixed breed dog, Rocket the Pomsky for hire. A Pomsky is a beautiful mix of Siberian Husky crossed with a Pomeranian.

Rocket is a well socialised pet with a great temperament to match. He is a large size for his breed and is more like a very small sized husky but with all the pom striking features typical of the breed.

Trained to a high standard, being confident in basic commands from a distance to voice and hand signals. He attends Dog training every week where he does agility at advanced competition level and he also attends Pawsitive Fitness where he does canicross events at competition level. He is also highly trained in canine conditioning and can balance him on wobble boards as well as balance all 4 paws on 4 paw pod targets as well as doing hand stands.

In addition, Rocket has been exposed to many different environments on a regular basis. He is well socialised with people of all ages including children. He can also work alongside other dogs with ease, remaining focused with the task at hand.

Furthermore, Rocket makes people smile as he has an infectious smile and personality that no other dog. He really is  a bubbly, happy outgoing dog that is very easy to work with and is available to work alongside sibling Lola!

Overall, Rocket thrives in the media industry as he has such a unique, happy, outgoing, good natured, social personality. He is suitable for a wide range of advertising briefs.



Rocket has onset experience having modelled for the Butternut Box Billboard campaign all across Ireland. The shoot took place in a studio environment with flashing lights and a professional flash.

In addition, Rocket has featured on online as part of social media campaigns for Pups in the Parks, Dogitute, Butternut Box to name but a few. He is also no strange to meet and greats having attended Pet Friendly Ireland at a Santa Paws visit and his vets social media pages.



Training checklist:
  • Agility trained
  • Beg
  • Can be placed in position
  • Can style hair
  • Can work outdoors
  • Cat-friendly
  • Child-friendly
  • Come
  • Cross paws
  • Dance/Canine freestyle
  • Dog-friendly
  • Down
  • Fetch item
  • Food motivated
  • Give paw
  • Go around object/person
  • Go over seesaw
  • Go under/through
  • Happy to be handled
  • Harness/lead trained
  • Head down
  • Head on object
  • Head to floor
  • Hold item
  • Jump through hoop
  • Jump up/on/over an object
  • Kiss
  • Leave item
  • Lie down
  • Paws up on object
  • People-friendly
  • Positional work
  • Product placement
  • Pull object
  • Quiet
  • Recall
  • Reverse
  • Show dog
  • Sit
  • Sit pretty
  • Speak/Bark
  • Stand
  • Stand on hind legs
  • Stay
  • Touch item
  • Toy motivated
  • Travels well
  • Walk on balance beam
  • Walk to heel
  • Wears pet clothing + accessories
  • Weave
  • Whisper
  • Work from a distance
  • Works with props
  • Work Videos

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