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The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat here at Urban Paws. They are known for their beautiful long coats and their large appearance. The Maine Coon has captivating eyes, pointy ears, and large bodies; a unique appearance that has made them a coveted breed within many cat-lover circles.  Their coats come in a large variation of colours in up to 64 different ones. They are naturally sweet and their friendly temperament makes them a fan and staff favourite to have on set.

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The Maine Coon is incredibly sociable makes a great pet for families of all ages. If the television job or modelling shoot is taking place in a large, outdoor space, their love of nature and free-spirited outlook will make them an instant hit on screen. A unique characteristic of the Maine Coon is its size, which – unlike some of its smaller cat siblings – means that they stand out wherever they go. As suggested by its size, there’s a lot of fur on the average Maine Coon and regular grooming is required to keep them in top shape.

Enjoying games and other social activities, the Maine Coon is the perfect cat breed for a whole assortment of marketing, modelling, and acting briefs. Many cats are known for their defiant personalities and even though the Maine Coon is no stranger to natural charisma and sass, they can be trained relatively easily with the help of treats and other forms of motivation. Once you form a connection with a Maine Coon, you’re likely to find that they are incredibly intelligent and more than willing to carry out even the most complex of tricks.

As a part of our preparatory checks before making any of our animals available for hire, we ensure that they are fully checked on medical and behavioural grounds.


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